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The visionary guidance of President and CEO Todd Feltz has helped WealthPLAN Partners become one of the nation’s leading independent advisory firms. Since establishing the firm in 1987, Mr. Feltz has become an industry pioneer in the fee-based arena, and while registered with LPL Financial, Todd was consistently ranked as one of their top advisors from 1994 to 2016*. He set out to establish an unbiased financial planning and asset management firm that currently has over $1 billion under management and advisement.

Join an exclusive group of like-minded advisors, innovators and thought leaders who are committed to taking their practices to an elite level by leveraging their time to do what they do best. We believe we can best serve our clients and community collectively rather than individually. Independent but united, we are bonded by partnership, philosophy and common culture.

WealthPLAN Partners was derived from the obstacles advisors typically face and the solutions we have found through years of top performance. Free up valuable time for you and your staff via our Advisor Management Portal (AMP), which provides access to automated processes for Performance Reports, Proposal Generation, Investment Models, Operational Workflows, Marketing, Social Media and more. Our in-house Compliance Manager will also be available to guide you through basic regulatory issues.

*Based on annual overall production of the firm’s approximately 14,000 advisors.

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    Customized, flexible modeling solutions and a level of access traditionally affiliated with only the largest firms, all available at below-market pricing.

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    Spend more time on value-added client engagement and business-development activities by dramatically streamlining the process of client education and acquisition.

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    Incorporating a plug-n-play approach to running your practice from CRM, Proposal, Trading, and Compliance. Harmonizing your technology allows you to leverage your time and focus on growing your business.

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    By creating efficiency in your practice, it allows scaled growth at a rapid pace without the additional overhead of staff. Large offices experience breakpoints at vendor levels.

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    Create a unique brand offering that fits your business, your vision and, most importantly, gives your most demanding clients a differentiated experience they can love and recommend.

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    Creating a reputable process and holding ourselves to the highest of industry standards helps avoid moral hazards or unmanaged risk that could reverse our cause.

When you join us, it's YOUR RIA

“The 21st Century has provided some frightening market conditions – a busted technology bubble, an attack on our country, a financial crisis and a heart-pounding 1,000-point single day drop in the Dow. Through it all, we have stood firm in our commitment to providing clients with a steadfast financial planning strategy that has evolved through years of analysis and development. This strategy is founded on the belief that Modern Portfolio Theory isn’t very modern and it provides systems, processes and technology to help take care of life’s little annoyances. I would like to share this strategy with advisors who are looking to get back to the reason they became advisors in the first place.”

–Todd Feltz

Join WealthPLAN Partners where you are an owner AND a partner, increasing the value and multiple of your business instead of someone else’s.

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